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Sep 22, 2017

Everyone's favorite presby Dan Borvan, an OPC ministerial intern, joins again to discuss things Reformational and a major issue for the Reformers -- images of Christ. And before you're offended -- the image on the pope's hat is that of Mary, not a person of the Trinity...last time we checked. The article we referenced...

Sep 8, 2017

Jed Ostoich ( joins Wresby and CW for the second go-round -- this time to discuss the shadowy and worrying world of ghostwriting and content creation in The Gospel-Industrial Complex/Big Eva. Read Jed at or see

Sep 1, 2017

Presbyterian cool guy Dan Borvan, an OPC pastoral intern, wades in for the third time with us to discuss the trickle of errant baptismal practices and sacramental innovation -- and minimization -- among the P&R in the 21st century. From here we launch into a broader discussion of church order and ordinary means of...