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Dec 31, 2021

Church historian D.G. Hart joins us for a review of 2021 plus a fascinating breakdown of a little-known but very significant church planting network with clips from the "Rise and Fall of Mars Hill" podcast. Dr. Hart suggested this series as well for those interested in church planting: Church Planting 1: The Movement |...

Dec 24, 2021

Our longest, most well-attended, and most boisterous Festivus celebration ever...with THE Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and THE Dr. R. Scott Clark, plus THE Bishop of Western Festivus Dan Borvan...also a doctor!

Dec 22, 2021

Well, everyone asked to 'hear women', so here we are, filling a need. Your introduction to Zoe (a precocious college student) and Sarah (a multi-talented homeschooling pastor's wife) includes the tale of how they met, why they care about any of this complicated churchy jargon, and what is so important about laypeople...

Dec 14, 2021

Dr. Jonathan Master, president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, wrote a thoughtful review of Greg Johnson's new book about "gay Christian" issues, Still Time to Care. We ended with some excerpts from a recent interview with Johnson from another podcast. 

Here's the print review:

Dec 10, 2021

Miami-area PCA pastor Aldo Leon joins us to argue that the overtures related to Revoice and SSA pastors in the PCA are clear, comprehensible, helpful, and needed. We love Aldo's plain-spoken style and down-to-earth, pastoral concern.