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Aug 25, 2022

Gospel Reformation Network leaders pastor Jon Payne and ruling elder Mel Duncan join us to talk about the GRN, its reason for being, and reasons for both hope and concern in the Presbyterian Church in America. The GRN fall gathering is coming soon. Learn more here:

Aug 18, 2022

Author, podcaster, and researcher Kerry Baldwin joins us to talk about libertarian principles generally and a libertarian case against abortion more specifically. Learn more about Kerry here:

Aug 11, 2022

Small-town PCA minister Derrick Brite joins us to talk about a big-time problem—the all-too-common crashes of local megachurches and how to deal with and minister to their members and refugees. Watch:

Aug 4, 2022

With added content and improved sound we present our 2019 review of the 1969 SBC-produced youth musical "Happening Now!" This muscial groanstravaganza speaks volumes about the cultural captivity of the mainline and evangelicals...then and now. And considering the events of the late 60s reminds us that today may not be...