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Feb 28, 2024

Our usual Westminster guide OPC pastor Chris Drew and special guest PCA pastor Stephen Spinnenweber help us work through WCF chapter 16, Of Good Works.


Feb 16, 2024

Three young pastors join us to discuss the essential element of worship that is the public reading of scripture. You may think that's a thin idea for a show...but Sean Morris, Matt Adams, and Ryan Biese had lots of good stuff for elders and church members alike to consider. 


Feb 12, 2024

(Originally released Nov 3, 2022)

PCA pastors Derrick Brite and Stephen Spinnenweber plus SBC firebrand pastor Tom Buck join us to examine the $100 million+ Jesus marketing campaign "He Gets Us." And rumors of PCA involvement were addressed by PCA stated clerk Bryan Chapell who graciously provided a special recorded...

Feb 9, 2024

Three pastors and a Presbygirl joined us examine the state of the Christian Sabbath and what the church does with America's holiest day—Super Bowl Sunday. PCA pastors Derrick Brite, Stephen Spinnenweber, and Ryan Biese, plus Presbygirl Zoe Miller populated our presby panel.

This is the article we discussed:

Feb 2, 2024

We are joined by PCA teaching elder Benjamin T. Inman who has written two articles and a pending overture calling the PCA to repentance over what may be the best-selling Christian book in history Jesus Calling which was penned by a now-deceased PCA member and missionary. Read his articles here: