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Apr 3, 2020

This episode is most assuredly not for everyone, but examines the cultural phenomenon of a Netflix documentary series that puts a new "T" in the TULIP...with special guest Dan Borvan.

Apr 3, 2020

The author of an overture to squelch the use of organized electronic communication at the PCA General Assembly joins us along with a concerned ruling elder. Here's the overture:

Mar 29, 2020

CW thought it would be a great idea to pass the day of quarantine by streaming Presbycast music while he smoked some pork...for 8 hours and 45 minutes! Don't worry, we've edited it down to a few songs, a 1960s Lutheran freak show, a chat with Wresby and his uncle Joe, a call from BL, and a discussion with R. Scott Clark...

Mar 24, 2020

We talk with church historian and cultural/political observer Dr. D.G. Hart of Hillsdale College about his mild skepticism of the Corona virus pandemic response and the place of skepticism more generally in the church. We also heard clips from country baptists and city megachurches as we examine how churches are...

Mar 20, 2020

A cast of quarantined characters joined us to talk about church, the COVID-19 crisis, cabin fever, and much more, including special appearances by DBag Worship Guy and Chris Bolt.