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Jan 14, 2022

Sarah and Zoe kick off their first live show discussing Sarah's pre-GA Aquila Report article, which was published last June and ranked #2 most read on the AR for the entire year of 2021. They venture also for the very first time into the world of advice distribution, listing 5 of 10 ways to encourage women in...

Jan 12, 2022

Brad drives to work and talks about the clergy-laity divide over Revoice, Side B, and SSA issues in the PCA. Referenced articles:

Jan 11, 2022

Old friend and small-town pastor Chris Ames (aka Twitter's Chuck Finney) joins us to talk about money, the Gospel-Industrial Complex, conference culture, and sustainable and scalable church. Chris offers a model of success and contentment not tied to size and celebrity. 

Jan 7, 2022

OPC pastor Chris Drew joins us again as we examine the critical chapter of the Westminster Confession of Faith that deals with covenant -- the key structure of Reformed theology and the crucial way that God has chosen to deal with man. View our talk on YouTube here:

Jan 5, 2022

PCA pastor Sean Morris preaches an excellent sermon on the Lord's Day and the importance of worship, delight, and fellowship in the life of the believer.