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Apr 19, 2024

Retired Grove City College professor Dr. T. David Gordon joins us to talk about one of his special interests, the Westminster doctrine of the spirituality of the church. Here is his article that prompted our discussion:

Apr 9, 2024

 Sarah and Zoe are joined by three guests, each from different backgrounds, who were persuaded into a confessional view - Sara Drew from being a PCUSA minister, Charles Higham from holding a Side B view of sexuality, and Job Dalomba from being a Baptist minister, each of them to a more confessional view. We talk through...

Apr 5, 2024

Four of our friends joined us to talk about worship—our own and that of our neighbors. Drs. R. Scott Clark and Harrison Perkins, and small-church ministers Aaron DeBoer and Zach Byrd made up a geographically and denominationally diverse panel of earnest, pastoral and learned men. This article by Brad was our jumping...

Mar 25, 2024

Sarah and Zoe join Wilson Van Hooser on his podcast, Gospel Gazing, for a discussion about women’s ministry in a Presbyterian and Reformed context—what Reformed women’s ministry looks like, how to encourage a healthy women’s ministry in the local church, distinguishing the marks of good and bad teaching...

Mar 22, 2024

Scholars Darryl Hart, Timon Cline, Miles Smith IV, and Stephen Wolfe join us for a raucous and impassioned discussion of church, state, kingdoms...and princes.