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May 3, 2018

Dr. C.N. Willborn discusses the life and work of PCA and Reformed Theological Seminary founding father Dr. Morton H. Smith (1923-2017). Dr. Willborn taught with Dr. Smith at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and shared his interest in Southern Presbyterian history. This is episode will be followed by another in a few weeks which examines his role in the founding of the PCA and his legacy. We also presented an address by Dr. Smith in an earlier episode.

Here is Dr. Smith's obituary. And here is a link to an address he delivered at the founding of the PCA.

Here is the text of a memorial overture that will be received by the 2018 PCA General Assembly. 

Learn more about Dr. Willborn here. He has pastored Covenant PCA in Oak Ridge, TN for the past 10 years.